Past Research Grant Funding

Dr. Arch Mainous, Dr. Kim Curry   

Florida Blue Foundation
Improve Quality and Safety of Patient Care – Planning/Feasibility Study for a Proposed Florida Blue Foundation Nursing Fellowship Program

A team of experts conducting a needs assessment exploring the possibility of creating a Nursing Fellowship Program that would allow nursing students and recently graduated students a chance to gain work experience in the field so they can combat the barrier that they face of not having experience when applying for nursing positions.

Principal Investigator, Jeannie Cimiotti. Business Case for Employment of Hospital-Based Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: Scope of Practice, Patient Outcomes, Nurse Retention, Financial Impact (2015-2017). Total Award $299,081. 25% Effort  4/1/15-3/31/18

Principal Investigator, Donna Neff.  Foreign Educated Nurses: Effects on Nurse, Quality of Care and Patient Safety Indicators. National Council of State Boards of Nursing.  Total Award $54, 447.00.  20% Effort for one year award.  11/11 – 12/12

Principal Investigator, Donna Neff.  Hospital Patient Outcomes of Mortality and Failure to Rescue Associated with Internationally Educated Nurse.  Mentored Research Scientist Development Award, NIH/NINR.  1K01NR011174-01A1. Total Award $297,621.00 .75% Effort – 2.7Yrs 09/09 – 08-12

Principal Investigator, Donna Neff. Multi-state nursing care & patient safety study: State of Florida. College of Nursing, University of Florida, Center for Health Care Access, Patient Safety and Quality Outcomes.  Intramural Research Award, Mundinger Foundation. Total Award $343,412.24. 35% Effort. 05/07 – 05/08.